June 30, 2013: Crazy Cat Women

by RebeccaETripp

There is a gene in my family that never skips any generations; it is the cat lady gene.  Every woman in my family is a cat magnet!  I’m in a neighborhood that is full of cats (which is awesome and spectacular ^_^) and they always follow me home.  It happens to my aunt, to my mother and to my grandmother.  I think it even happened to her mother.  Cats from the entire block seem to be longing to adopt us, even when they already have homes.  As for strays, there are tidal waves of them in my home town, and they always seem to find me.  There is literally a cat on my porch every time I open the door.  Technically, at this time I only have two cats of my own (which is the smallest number of cats I’ve ever had) but anyone who visits me would think I had six.  One of my two cats is mine because he followed my for about seven blocks, and every time I took him all the way home, I’d find him in my house within a couple of hours.  Now we are inseparable.  I love kitties as much as I love seagulls!!  I think I’ll write about seagulls next.