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July 7, 2013: Seagulls Are So Adorable

I have a penchant for seagulls…Image

Some understand it and some do not.  Many people who love me have taken me to Granville Island to feed them.  The way I love seagulls is best communicated in this video:

…Anyway…  I just thought I’d share with you my love of the gulls.  I can do a fairly flawless seagull call, which I will eventually put on the internet to show everyone.  Watch the video if you get the chance.  I would think it would be best if everyone loved them as I love them.



I’m Back Online and Starting a Blog

I’m Back Online and Starting a Blog

It has been 14 years since I started composing music, 10 years since I started working on my novels and 23 years since I started to draw and paint.  All this time, I have wanted to share my creations with the world.  I really hope that I can do this, with my blog, my art sites (which need to be updated very badly) and my main website, Crystal Echo Soundtracks.  Please stop by and say hello, dear readers!  I am interested in feedback of every kind.